Why I Love my wife?

21 Apr

It’s been 4 months now since we got married. Wow.. 4 months. May not be a big thing for many but it’s a big thing for me.

But I’m not here to share about my 4 months experience. It’s my wife’s “birfdey”!  So this is my way of praising her with words.

People say it to my face. At times, I hear people tell other people that despite of who I am, and imperfections… I managed to find a good wife.

The experience of chasing her during the “head hunting” days was challenging.

To be rejected for about 6 times or more by her, I thought it would be easier for me to get a girl with my credentials: Song-writer, leader of the band, lead vocalist, life-changer, God lover and…… handsome, sexy (and I know it), charming and beyond awesomeness ( I just had to put the last 4.. muahaha… it’s my blog =P) SHE was a tough catch =)

I think she saw more of my weaknesses, which to me was no use and felt utterly useless.


What seem to be the finishing line for me, turned out to be the starting line of our relationship together, appreciating me for who I am and then loving me for who I am.

It was the other side off me that caught her attention. It was the humility to admit that “I ain’t no superman” but a man that by the grace of God, something can just work out.

I don’t think I found just a good wife, I found a great wife!

Yes Chloe YOU ARE =)


Another beautiful reason why I love my wife is coz she has a big heart for people. When i say big, I really mean BIG.

There was a time our church needed volunteers to serve the community. I didn’t respond coz I had other responsibilities to look into. When I was getting ready to leave to go back home, I was looking for her only to find that she wanted to know more about serving the community.

In all honesty, there was a time when I was jealous. Other people, whether they were her family, teens, friends, strangers etc etc… they all seem to have a good ample time with her, over a “30-45mins chitty chat session”, sharing about life in general, that when it comes to my “chitty chat session”, I don’t seem to get the same amount of time =P If I’m lucky, i’ll get 10mins =P hehe

I remember she told me coz I was special, hence I get the “Special” treatment =P

But as we grow in our relationship, I have learned to accept that she genuinely loves people. She just has this heart to serve, to help, to lend a hand when she’s able. She thinks less about herself and more of others. Even when she’s tired, the grace of God is all she needs to fuel her up. If she had to decide to buy a Prada bag over a homeless family… she’d choose the PRADA BAG and then help the family =P No just kidding… she’ll ditch the bag and give her time, money, etc, to those who may well deserve it.

My wife is no Mother Theresa but her simplicity to love others and her response to action, catches the attention of not only me, but her maker, God, in which I know He is pleased.

Yes, Hao Ying, God is pleased and so am I =)


In my conversations with my dad, I remember he saying, “find a wife who is like my mom”. I’m like… “WHAT? I don’t want a mother!!?!?!” =P hehe.. Nah.. just kidding. I knew what he meant.

My mom was “da bomb” in her younger days. She could have gone out with any guy but she chose my dad and loved him for the type of man he was.

Well, in my years of “fishing”, my personal desire in women changed. Dating was no game and love was seriously getting hard to find.

Girls are getting prettier but after a while you realize that what lies beneath the surface ain’t pretty at all.

I don’t really like women who are ultra-sexy. I especially don’t like women who thinks they have everything, failing to realize that their brain exist.


What made it tougher was that my pride wasn’t helping at all. I strived hard in most relationships. There were some I didn’t want to let go but had too.

I remember praying to God this: “I pray that someone out there would love me for me” as I have always felt that I have not much to offer.

God being God, answered my prayer.

I don’t think that I just found someone who could love me for who I am… I found someone who loves and fears the Lord.

My wife, if you know her is one tough girl. She is confident, able to do things on her own and secured with whatever she has. During her trials/challenges, she doesn’t runaway feeling hopeless. She runs to God first before she even comes running to me. I feel which is something good to know coz if she has a problem with me, I know she’s going to God first and not do something stupid =)

Does that mean she’s invincible by herself? Yes and No. Yes, coz she has God. No, coz there are battles that together, as husband and wife, can overcome.

Towards the end of 2011 and the beginning of this year 2012, things had been tough from my side. Whether it may be, spiritually, emotionally… things weren’t going right in certain areas of my life. I praise God for her coz she stood by my side in faith and prayer… reminding me of who I am and who God is in my life. My hopes, my dreams…. everything.

You see my wife ain’t no Jessica Alba or Megan Fox or Maria Sharapova. But she has something that surpasses each and everyone of them and that is her fear of God. Her love of the Father, her desires to do what He desires not for her glory and her fame but His.

I don’t need a girl who is pretty and shallow inside. I need a girl who is pretty(honestly speaking =) ) and that has depth. That fear of God… did I hit the jackpot? OH YES I DID!!!

Will the Jessica’s, the Megan’s and Maria’s experience that same fear? Maybe and I hope so. But my wife’s got my attention already, hence I married her.

Yes Mrs. Batiancila, I am impressed and challenged by how you fear the Lord. Keep it up!

Well, that’s that.

There are other reasons why I love my wife. I don’t think I’ve mentioned enough in this blog. I’ll keep the rest for the years to come, that is if “the end of the world” doesn’t take place this year =P

Who knows, I may just learn something new along the way that would praise her even more as my wife =)

Hepi Birfdey to my wife and best-friend, Chloe aka Hao Ying aka Mrs. Batiancila =)

xoxoxxoo LOL!

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Posted by on April 21, 2012 in My S.O.A.P


One response to “Why I Love my wife?

  1. Mrs. Rayniel M. Batiancila

    April 22, 2012 at 1:39 am

    Very well said, and its true you should not look unto the beauty of each person / to have good relationship in marriage the very first thing you should know is respect with one another coz if that respect is their then love will automatically comes, in other words love and respect are really very important for couples who really want there marriage to be intact till the rest of there life.


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